The group comprises about 50 enterprises of different ownership forms and manages them. Consolidated data of the company are the largest producers of a number of commodity positions in the market of the Republic.

The activity of the enterprises of the concern is divided into three sectors: wood processing, furniture production and pulp and paper industry.

The woodworking sector includes industrial wood production, timber and lumber, wood products, production of plywood, matches, wood-based panels (particleboard, hardboard, MDF/HDF), laminated floor coverings, building structures, Windows, doors, houses and wood fuel.

The sector of furniture production is represented by enterprises, which are consolidated to produce more than 25% of the total production of furniture in the country. The range of furniture encompasses all kinds: from simple furniture of small forms from inexpensive materials to highly artistic sets and sets made of natural wood using turning and carving.

Sector pulp and paper industry specializiruetsya in the production of cardboard and paper products. The range of over 20 types of paper and paperboard, including newsprint paper, base paper for decorative coating materials and Wallpaper.

In the organizations of the group carried out technical modernization, which the product range was expanded up to 80 species.

The geography of export companies of the group covers over 70 countries. Every year it expands, new markets and strengthen the position of the group in the traditional markets.