The concern "Bellesbumprom" includes about 50 enterprises of different forms of ownership, which together are the largest consumer of timber prepared in the country.
Enterprises included in the group's activities are divided into 4 blocks: logging, woodworking and furniture, pulp and paper and timber, non-productive organization.

Woodworking and furniture companies  

CJSC "Bobruiskmebel"

OJSC "Borisov DOK"

OJSC "Borisovdrev"

OJSC "Vitebskdrev"

OJSC "Gomeldrev"

OJSC "Gomel furniture factory "Progress"

JLLC "SOV-LenEvromebel"

OJSC "Ivatsevichdrev"

OJSC "Lidastroymaterialy"

OJSC "Minskproektmebel"

OJSC "Mogilevdrev"

OJSC "Mozyr DOK"

CJSC "Molodechnomebel"

Branch "Vileika furniture factory"

OJSC "Mostovdrev"

OJSC "Novyi Sverzhen timber mill"

CJSC "Holding company "Pinskdrev"

OJSC "Rechitsadrev"

OJSC "Slonimmebel"

OJSC "Stroydetali"

Branch "Domostroenie" 


OJSC "Vitebskles"

OJSC "Zhitkovichles"

OJSC "Luninetsles"

OJSC "Pleschenitsles"

LLC "Akitama"

LLC "Shklovskoe wood pellet company"

Pulp and paper and wood chemical companies

OJSC "Managing Company of Holding "Belorusskie oboi"

Branch "Dobrushi paper factory "Heroi truda"

OJSC "CBK-Consalt"

MUE "CBK-karton"

OJSC "Paper factory "Spartak"

RMUE "Newsprint mill"                                                                        

OJSC "Svetlogorsk Pulp and Cardboard Mill"

Branch "Paper Mill "Krasnaya Zvezda"

OJSC "Slonim Cardboard and Paper mill "Albertin"

JLLC "Exclusive"

JLLC "Intrepaper"

FE "Munix" JLLC

OJSC "Lesohimik"

LLC "Superpack company"

OJSC "Zelenoborskoe"

Nonprofit organizations

OJSC "Belarusian forest company"

State educational institutions "National Career Development Center for executives and specialists of timber industry"